About Pervasa, Inc.

Pervasa, Inc is supplier of Atlas: the industry’s leading sensor network middleware and modular platform. Atlas enables the rapid creation, easy configuration, and remote programming of sensor- and actuator-based smart spaces and solutions. Atlas offers the fastest development life-cycle and the best return on investments for industries utilizing networked sensors and actuators.

Pervasa’s novel technology bridges the gap between devices and sensors on the one hand, and enterprise software and application development on the other hand. The net effect is enabling several industries to effortlessly and seamlessly include devices and sensors (such as RFID technology) into their existing data bus already in place. Without Pervasa technology, an industry solution would require significant and costly system integration effort. Worse yet, the integrated system would be rigid and difficult to change as the customer needs change.

In short, Pervasa products enable the most flexible, programmable, changeable, and affordable smart solutions in the industry.

Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, and founded in 2006, Pervasa is establishing itself as pioneer in several industry solutions including fleet and asset tracking, health and elder care, civil structure health monitoring, and homeland security. Pervasa also offers products and kits in support of research and education.